How to Use Affirmations to Make Profound Impacts in Your Daily Life

Every morning you wake up, write down an affirmation in your handy notebook and leverage it to make good impacts throughout your day. How would you do that? Read on to find out.

Here are some examples of affirmations and the results they can produce:

  1. I strengthen my relationships one level higher both at the home and work fronts

When you write the above affirmation in your notebook, it leaves an imprint in your mind. And it is the very thing that goes about making the affirmation a reality throughout the day. For instance, you pass a good compliment to a co-worker at work. You make her happy and you yourself become happy. Then you get a call from your hubby and you greet him well and also help him solve the problem he is having at hand. And you both become happier in the process. Therefore, the chain of joy and goodness goes on all along.

  1. I can figure out the problem of finding my life direction

Once you have it written early in the morning, it gets ingrained in your brain. And it goes about giving you hints and signs about what actions to take to move forward and in what direction. Take little steps. For instance, you meet a friend on the way to shopping and she excitedly tells you that the novel she wrote has become a bestseller on Amazon and New York Times. That gives you an edge. You start wondering if writing is your cup of tea and you finally make a choice and go about taking further little steps until you reach your desired new goal.

  1. I can improve the wellness of my family

Once you write the above affirmation after waking up from a good night’s sleep, like before, your mind will start to influence the events that take place thereafter. For instance, when you go to pick up your kids from their school, you meet there a nutritionist mother you have talked to before. She starts talking about tips on health and fitness. And you ask if there is a good book you could buy regarding the topic. And in return, she gives you a free copy of her book on your desired topic that she has authored recently. While you benefit from the book, she wants you to promote it in your neighborhood and community. The book is an asset to you because as you read the tips and start applying them to your life directly, you actually improve the wellness of your family.

  1. I can solve the puzzle of my complex work project

Again writing the above affirmation in your notebook before heading for work, your mind gropes for ways to help you with your problem. There is something you don’t understand about your project. Who could help? While you are still working hard at it at your workplace, a colleague passes by to invite you to her fiftieth birthday party after work at the nearby restaurant. You remember that she had completed a similar work project in the past and you immediately take the opportunity to ask her about a piece of the puzzle in your project. She is able to help you out as she is more knowledgeable and skilled than you. You have a puzzle piece solved and you work on the rest of the pieces in order to integrate them together into a solution. Doing everything by yourself is almost always impossible, you gather and so if the older lady could help you out, you can take a little help from other good cooperative colleagues as well from time to time.Summing up, affirmations could come to use in the above profound ways and you never know how they will lead you to unlock your problems and open up the mysteries behind them and materialize them through interesting solutions.

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